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Joe Bucher Original Lures


8" TopRaider

This great surface bait has been a proven producer of many big fish. Built of tooth-proof plastic and specially weighted to prevent roll and twist even at 8 mph it can be retrieved at any speed you choose.

The splashing, sputtering, gurgling sound that it makes as it churns its way back to the boat attracts Muskies from far and wide.

Here are some of its features:

  • Made of impact-proof ABS plastic.

  • Integral molded hardware.

  • Keel and counterweight eliminates roll and twist.

  • Natural creature-body design.

  • One-piece shaft speeds tail revolution.

  • Internal rotator bearings.

  • Tangle-free hook placement.

  • Built-in rattle in tail section.

  • Counterbore tail.

  • Length 7 inches from tip of nose to hook end.

  • Weight 2 ounces.

  • Has two 0/6 treble hooks.

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