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Stealth fluorocarbon leaders are made with the finest quality material and components.

Regular fluorocarbon material, 150-pound strength ball bearing swivels, and Stringease Stay Lok Snaps are used in their construction.

All leaders are hand-tied, using a high quality nail knot, and crimped for added insurance.

These leaders have been produced over the past six years without incident of failure in a single leader.

We offer the 100-pound strength and 130-pound strength models…both in 14” length.  There are two leaders to a pack.

100-pound strength, 14”, 2-pack - $12.00

Out Of Stock!!

130-pound strength, 14”, 2-pack - $13.00

The following 100# Stealth Fluorocarbon Leaders are in four sizes and come one to a package."

100 Pound 9", 12", 18", 24" and 48" Sizes