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Note: These Lures Are Very Hard To Find!

The Reef Hawg is a timeless classic.  This renowned  Muskie bait that has been in use by dedicated Muskie anglers for nearly 30 years, and is currently ranked number 11 in the list of top lures that catch Muskies of 50” or longer.  Members of Muskies, Inc. reported over 67 catches of these super-sized fish on this bait since its development.

Anglers know that on a day when those big fish are in a negative mood, a Jerk Bait will produce results when nothing else will. The Reef Hawg is a lure that even a novice can work. No delicate balance needed, no bending of metal tails to fuss with, just cast it out and reel it in.

The Reef Hawg is constructed of the finest quality hardwoods and double extra strong American made treble hooks. These lures are painted in life-like colors that imitate the Muskies’ natural food, and provide life-like baitfish action that Muskies cannot ignore.

6 Inch Reef Hawg

The Green Chartreuse And Black Perch Are Out Of Stock!!!

The lure is 6" in length, weighs 3 oz., and has three 5/0 XH treble hooks.

Our price is only $20.00.


8 Inch Reef Hawg

Green Chartreuse, Flame Orange, Black Perch
And Walleye Are Out Of Stock!!!

The lure is 8" in length, weighs 3 1/2 oz., and has three 5/0 XH treble hooks.

Get your piece of history today…our price is only $22.00.