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Rapala 5" Super Shad Rap

The Shiner And  Bluegill Are Out Of Stock!!!

The Super Shad Rap is a balsa wood lure designed to catch trophy fish. An excellent trolling lure, and great for casting along weed edges, cabbage, or rock humps. The lure is 5.5 inches long, weighs 1 ounces, has two 2.0 treble hooks, and retrieves at depths from surface to 7 feet. It is offered in eight great colors.

Our Price Only: $13.00


Rapala 7" Floating Magnum

The Silver Is Out Of Stock!!!

This lure, and every Rapala lure, has been individually tuned and tank-tested to the uncompromising standards of Lauri Rapala, developed a half-century ago. It is 7" long, weighs 1 ounces, has two 4/0 treble hooks, a tough Lexan lip, and dives to 7 feet. It is available in six beautiful patterns.

Our Price Only: $14.00


Rapala 7" Count Down Magnum

This sinking lure is great for working suspended fish at any depth, and will decend at the rate of one foot per second. The metal lip provides additional flash to attract finny predators of all species. It is 7" long, weighs 2 ounces, and has two 4/0 treble hooks. It is available in six vibrant color patterns.

Our Price Only: $14.00


 9 Inch Rapala Count Down Magnum

The Firetiger And Silver Mackerel Are Out Of Stock!!!

Properly weighted for controlled sinking action, this lure is designed for holding to a designated depth. Count it down at one foot per second and then start reeling at the desired depth and the lure will stay in that depth strike zone. Great for working suspended fishwith a metal lip which provides additional flash to bring in fish from a distance. It is 9" long, weighs 3 ounces, and has two unique double hooks, allowing the belly hook to lay flat against the underside of the lure during retrieval. This lure is presented in six fantastic patterns.

Our Price Only: $16.00