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6.5" Super Cisco

Super Cisco™ freshwater pro fishing lures are made for musky, pike and may other fish.  If you are casting for larger freshwater fish like musky, northern pike, peacock bass and wall-hanging largemouth bass it calls for a big, tough lure like the Super Cisco™. These are beautifully designed crankbait lures, which look like whitefish, cisco, shad, perch, crappie and many other natural baitfish.

They are a must for your next trip up north to the many great lakes in Canada and all the way down south to the Amazon for peacock bass.  Whether you are a musky maniac or a big water trolling pro, you will all have one thing in common: the great fish-catching power of the RSC-16 rattling Super Cisco™.

Quality lures made by Tackle Industries.  Plus, they are very reasonably priced!  These lures will dive from 6 to 8 feet when cast and up to 20 feet when trolled and have bent lips with blood-red 3X strength and 2/0 size freshwater hooks.  

They also have through-wire construction, with rattles inside, and are made tough to catch big freshwater game fish.  These are quality lures at a low, low price of only $8.00.

  • Specifications:
     * 6½ inch profile
     * Weight: 1⅝ oz.
     * 3D holographic eyes
     * Body & lip construction is high impact ABS
     * Paint is auto body grade paint w/clear coat
     * Casting depth up to 6-8 feet
     * Trolling depth up to 20 feet
     * Max trolling speeds up to 16+ mph


Your Price Is Only $8.00


9” Nokken Jointed Lure

The Nokken is a wily, dangerous and manipulative creature from Norwegian folklore. He roams rivers, lakes and seas in search of his prey. His goal is to use his deceptive powers to trick and deceive his prey into coming close so he can strike.

The Nokken crankbait is a lure that can be cast or trolled for trophy musky, pike, bass and all sorts of saltwater trophy fish. When cast this lure will run down between 4 to 6 feet and can be trolled up to and over 5 mph at depths up to 20 feet (35′ line out ~10′ and 100′ line out ~20′). This is a deadly bait with its side to side action and belly roll. The Nokken can be worked just over vegetation or rocks. This is a very versatile bait for spring, summer or fall. Great for musky, pike, tarpon, peacock bass, Nile perch, barracuda and many other freshwater and saltwater game fish.

Your Price Only $10.00


Your Price Only $10.00


It is offered here in 15 fish-catching colors. The bodies on these lures are so tough you can literally pound a nail into a board with them! These jointed lures are made with through-wire construction, triple split rings, musky hooks, and are just plain super tough lures that you can take out of the package and use right away. These are top quality lures but offered at a very low price.  Save a lot of money and buy a higher quality bait today from us!  These are quality lures at a low, low price of only $10.00 per lure.