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For over half a century, the legendary Suick name has meant one thing to muskie fishermen success! The record set by Frank Suick of 30 legal muskies in 30 days is still unequaled. Over 8,500 muskies caught with a Suick lure have been recorded on the Muskies, Inc. data base over the years since its development.

Suick lures are still handcrafted one at a time with color patterns that are spectacular and lifelike. The workmanship, component parts, and production performance is truly top-shelf.

7 Inch Thriller Non-Weighted Lure

This lure provides the well-known Suick action in a smaller package, and can be used with lighter tackle.

This lure is an excellent choice for early-season fishing. It is 7 inches long, weighs 5/8 ounce, is made of wood, and has two #1/0 treble hooks.

Available in these five colors:

  • Storm

  • Orange Tiger

  • Black Swirl

  • Yellow Perch

  • Sucker

Our Price $21.00


9 Inch Thriller Non-Weighted or Weighted Lure

The lure that began the legacy! One of the most productive lures ever designed.

It is 9" long, the non-weighted model weighs 7/8 ounce, the weighted model weighs 1 7/8 ounces, both are made of wood, and both have three #4 treble hooks.

The non-weighted and weighted models are available in these seven colors:

  • Sucker

  • Perch

  • Cisco

  • Dark Green

  • Fire Tiger

  • Orange Black Dots

  • Yellow Perch

Non-Weighted Model - $22.00


Weighted Model - $26.00.00


12 Suick Magnum Lures Non-Weighted and Weighted

These are the newest creation of Steve Suick of Suick Lure Manufacturers. They very hard to find.  We are one of the few dealers in Iowa to offer these robust jerkbaits.

The Non-Weighted lures weigh 3.5 ounces, while the Weighted model tips the scale at 4 ounces.  Both are 12-inches in length and have three 5/0 treble hooks attached to the lures with heavy-duty split rings.

Non-weighted...Our price is: $30.00


Weighted...Our price is: $32.00