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Exceptionally well-made Muskie baits that rank high on the list of all-time best Muskie catching lures and we are able to provide them at very reasonable prices.

5 Inch Slammer Minnowbait 7/8 Oz

Out Of Stock!!

  • Easy casting.

  • Dives to 4 feet.

  • Two strong treble hooks.

  • Price: $ 9.00

6 Inch Slammer Minnowbait - 1 Oz

  • Top choice for spring.

  • Has a tight wobble that runs
    down 3-5 feet.

  • Two strong treble hooks.

  • Price: $ 11.00


8 Inch Slammer Minnowbait - 2 Oz

  • Dives to 8 feet when cast

  • Trolls down to 15 feet

  • Three 2X strong, tangle-free hooks

  • Price: $15.00

Golden Shiner Is Out Of Stock!!


All Slammer Minnowbaits have these features:

  • Thru-Wire Construction For Superior Hook Setting Strength

  • Tangle-Free, Super-Sharp, Mustad Hooks

  • Unbreakable Diving Lips That Stand Up Strike After Strike

  • Super-Tough, Wet-Look, Epoxy Finish

  • Six, Fish-catching Colors to Match Weather and Water Conditions

  • Individually Tuned to SLAMMER Strike-Producing Action

The six colors shown below in the 8" Minnowbaits are available in all three lengths.

7 Inch Slammer Deep Diver

The Deep Diver runs in the 8 to 10 foot range when cast, and trolls down to 18 feet at speeds up to 5 mph.

Awesome wobble at slow speeds and great darting action when twitched. It backs out of heavy cover when you stop reeling. Weighs 2 ounces, has two treble hooks, and comes in the six standard Slammer colors:

  • Perch

  • Walleye

  • Sucker

  • Firetiger

  • Golden Shiner

  • Shiner

Our Price: Only $15.00
The Walleye Is Out Of Stock!!!