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Built To Catch Fish...Built To Last !!!


9 Inch Burt Weighted Jerkbait

This jerkbait is weighted and is very neutral in balance. It can be worked down to depths of 8 to 10, with a very slow rise that triggers muskies and pike.


Equipped with MVC hooks, and built-in rattle chamber. It is available in four colors: Perch, Firetiger, Tennessee Shad, and Firebelly.

9" Burt 3 oz. Near surface - $15.00


The Squirrely Burt

The 11” weighted Squirrely Burt takes the original 9” Burt and incorporates a replaceable soft plastic tail that adds a lifelike dimension to this jerk bait.

Sold Out!!

With a simple snap or pull of the rod tip Squirrely Burt swings into action as its patented erratic down-and-to-the-side action is accompanied by the flash and vibration of the live action tail, which triggers strikes when nothing else will.  It is 11” long, weighs 3.1 ounces, and has a casting depth of 0 to 6 feet, with two treble hooks…and comes in four great colors.

Our price:  $17.00.