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Brooktails Catch Musky

These baits are custom-made with unequaled craftsmanship from the finest quality materials. Only the best deer hair, flashabou, VMC hooks, and Wolverine super rings are used in their construction.

The Bulger

The 9 Inch Bulger

Excellent for bulging over cabbage beds or wood. It weighs 2 ounces, has two # 8 Colorado blades, and a single 7/0 VMC hook.

Price: $14.00 - $13.00

Only The Trout is In Stock!!


The 5 Inch Muskie Snack

The 5" Muskie Snack - A light bucktail that you can cast all day along those weed beds, where the big ones lurk. It weighs 1ounce, has one # 8 French blade, and a single 5/0 VMC hook. 

Price: $9.00 - $8.00.

Perch And Walleye
Are Out Of Stock!!!


1oz Spinnerbait

The 5", 1-Ounce Spinnerbait - The light spinnerbait for those Muskies who like a lure that tastes great and is less filling. It weighs 1 ounce, has two blades-one a # 8 Colorado and the other a # 5 Colorado, and a # 5 VMC treble hook. 

Price: $10.00 - $9.00.

Walleye, Crappie And Perch
Are Out Of Stock!!!


2˝oz Spinnerbait

The 7", 2 -Ounce Spinnerbait- A heavy-weight spinnerbait for those lunker Muskies that require a bait that will match their toughness. It weighs 2˝ ounces, has two Colorado blades-a #10 and a # 8, and two 8/0 VMC hooks.

Price: $13.00 - $12.00

Only The Sucker Is In Stock!!